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Rudy Autio in his Missoula StudioRudy Autio's ceramic art possesses a quiet knowledge. You will say, what of the tumbling horses, the contortionist women with arms and legs bent in directions even a gyroscope could not balance.  And you would be correct, but then consider:  the bending clay, the drawn slip forming arabesque figures, the increasing colorful glazes.  Here is the quiet knowledge, as the decision to repeat or discard, shift the hue, thicken the line, each accumulate for a mature vision.  There is an additional subtlety, one of constancy, created from a lifelong commitment to drawing and to the clay vessel.

Autio's art continues to tap the resource of Western folklore from actual locations to the lyrical dynamo of bucking horses.  . . .there is an immediate awareness of unspoken authority--as clay artist, painter and visual innovator.  His quiet, soft spoken manner, can be, like his art, illusive of his deeply held dedication.

--Abstract from Michael Rubin's foreword, Rudy Autio Work 1983-1996, White Swan Press, 1996.

Rudy Autio
written by

Louana M. Lackey, Ph.D.
With a Foreword by Peter Voulkos

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This is a directory with examples of work.  Please note that the file sizes range from 100 to 250k. 
All images require copyright permission for any use.

Public Works

Acanthus -- Takadanobaba  instructional centers  in Tokyo, home of the
Nippon Beauty Academy.

Missoula Fire Station Panel -- West Side of the Missoula Fire Station

Rya Weaving -- University of Montana Performing Arts Building

Horses -- Reader's Digest Building, Helsinki, Finland

The Lewis and Clark Diorama at the Beaverhead Museum

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Drawings / Paintings

Boulder River
Cannon Beach
Circus Horse
Dream Garden
Untitled Drawing
Water Games


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